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As a consumer, you need to be smart about the purchases you make. Luckily, the Internet is full of customer reviews, comparisons and feature explanations. As you’ve learned, not all purchases warrant spending more. Sometimes, you can get a great product without having to buy the most expensive one on the market. Yet when it comes to purchasing a high-end workstation PC, it’s worth it to spend a little more. You don’t have to buy the one that has the highest price tag, but you should be aware of the features and components that make a quality workstation more of an investment.

Who are High-End Workstations For?

Browse any electronics store in person or online and you’re bound to find hundreds of laptops, computers and tablets that have their own list of features to celebrate. Some are designed for college students, others for gamers and others for light browsing and social media needs. A gaming workstation PC is a little different. It’s designed for people who need a higher powered system:

  • Professional gamers
  • Engineers
  • Artists
  • Designers
  • Scientists
  • Video professionals
  • Studio musicians
  • CAD professionals
  • Anyone looking for more than mass-produced home office computers

When you’re shopping for a new workstation, how do you know that the investment is worth it? What are the true benefits of these media creation PCs?

Optimized for Multitasking

CAD professionals need to multitask efficiently. With standard computers, the ability to jump from one task to another task would be too much for the system to handle and it would lag significantly. With a CAD workstation PC, CPUs are freed up so that the system can run efficiently while offering interactive, rich designs.

Improved Performance and Power

Some workstations, such as the ProMagix HD360MAX from Velocity Micro, produces 70 percent more performance per watt, increasing computing power while maintaining energy efficiency. This allows professionals to do more on one system without being slowed down.

Professional-Grade Parts and Components

The main reason why you’ll pay more for a computer is because it includes more expensive parts. Workstations built for pros contain professional-grade features such as Intel processors, NVIDIA graphics cards, Tesla GPU options, top-notch audio, photo and video editing resolutions and low-latency memory. Also, the system may include editing tools and software and be optimized for high-demand programs like MATLAB and Adobe Premiere Pro.

Rigorous Control Testing

With mass-produced computers, it’s easy to overlook certain problems and do quick control testing. Made in USA gamer PCs receive rigorous testing and benchmarking. The biggest advantage to a Velocity Micro system is that each machine is built by expert engineers to ensure optimal airflow, thermal and acoustical properties, which make a big difference in the performance, stability and longevity of a computer. Other computers are made on assembly lines – you be the judge. When you invest in a high-end workstation, you can expect that it will be a powerhouse from the moment you fire it up.

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