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Social Media Analytics

Social media is part of a larger ecosystem of publicly available platforms that make up a new attack surface for threat actors to leverage. In order to combat the threats on social media and elsewhere on the web, security teams need integrated Digital Risk Protection. Comprehensive coverage across social media, surface, deep and dark web ensures that threats are identified and addressed wherever they show up on the public attack surface.

1) Using artificial intelligence on the Social Media data sources available on the various public platforms using machine learning and correlating that data enhancing intelligence gathering, processing, and providing indepth analysis to the Law Enforcement and Intelligence Agencies.

2) To get Alerts on security / crisis / sensitive activities for better security & administration. Public Platforms & Social Media can be used as one of the best platforms to reach out to masses at one go in case of alerts, crisis, security issues, calamities etc. to make them aware of the situation.

3) Generate Intelligence & Accelerate Investigation of cases using Artificial Intelligence Platforms to help with identification, data collection, analysis, smart visualization and indepth insights ensuring faster resolution of cases and smarter law enforcement.

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