Video Analytics System for CCTV Cameras

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Video Analytics System for CCTV Cameras

Video analytics is a technology that processes a digital video signal using a special algorithm to perform a security-related function. There are three common types of video analytics:

  • Fixed algorithm analytics
  • Artificial intelligence learning algorithms
  • Facial recognition systems

From its inception, video analytics has been touted as a solution to assist those providing security to critical infrastructures with a powerful means for identifying and detecting intruders, tracking people or objects, and producing an alarm on types of behavior. It is an advanced technology that leverages deep learning advancements and processes digital video signals by using a unique algorithm to perform security-related tasks.

Video analytics significantly provides a powerful security means to critical infrastructures, identifying impostors, tracking people or objects, and detecting behaviors. Artificial intelligence technologies, particularly the developments of deep learning, and predictive analytics have revolutionized video analytics and intelligent surveillance capabilities.

The amount of data generated by video surveillance solutions undoubtedly is enormous. Handling and processing such data in a fraction of time using manpower alone is crucial. Video analytics emerges as a constructive asset making generated video data more meaningful and valuable all in real-time.

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